A Personal Message From Herb Allen

Founding Musical Director, Up with People

Dear Friends and Alumni,

Jane and I feel profoundly blessed for all of the wonderful memories and friendships we have developed around the globe over the past many decades. We could have never imagined that a program we became involved with in the late 1940s would lead to the creation of Up with People in the mid 1960s, and result in such a lasting impact and positive expression of hope.

Herbie-AllenThose of you who know me are aware that I have always been less focused on making money than creating music that speaks to the needs of the world. Like many of our generation, the time is rapidly approaching for the two of us to transition from our house into more manageable surroundings.

In order to better facilitate our move, we would like to offer you two CDs:
The first album is a delightful collection of songs that Jane and I completed just last year, and the second features me and my first love – the xylophone!

Jane and I hope you will take a few moments to read more about our CDs, listen to some of our samples, and perhaps order!

CD#1   Songs For My Grandchildren (and other important people)

JaneLike me, Jane was raised in a musical family. After high school, her mother – a concert pianist in England – sent Jane to study piano and singing at The Royal Academy of Music in London. Jane and I have been partners in life and music ever since 1948 when we first started playing piano together. We have performed our music in schools and a variety of public areas around the U.S. and internationally.

In 2015, we put the finishing touches on “Songs for My Grandchildren,” an album we not only had great fun producing, but also received lots of positive feedback. It contains many songs written by Jane over the years I was on the road working with all of you in Up with People.

This CD is dedicated to our children and grandchildren (present and future) and is a light-hearted yet thoughtful collection of what we lovingly refer to as “life’s lessons,” learned when raising our own children. It is our sincere wish that everyone, young or old, better understands and appreciates how even a simple song can convey a powerful message.

“Delight awaits in this charming CD sure to put a smile on your face and a song in your heart. For children from 1 to 92, Jane Allen is a modern day Mary Poppins.”
Ann Hampton Callaway

“Songs for My Grandchildren (and other important people) is a sweet and enjoyable journey of songs for children of all ages, artfully performed by Jane Allen and produced by husband, Herb. It is a delicious mixture of charming tunes with memorable and meaningful lyrics.”
David Grossman, former Senior Vice-President, Paramount Pictures Television/ CBS Television Music

Songs For My Grandchildren (and other important people)

1. A Happy Song
2. What Can I Do When I Feel Shy?
3. Bubbles
4. It’s Lovely Today
5. A Child’s Carol
6. Singing A Song With You
7. When You Think A Thought
8. Father In Heaven We Thank You
9. Earthsounds

10. When You Feel All Alone
11. Sleep My Baby
12. Song of The Christmas Tree
13. Tree Rhythms
14. What Would It Be Like?
15. Metric Melody
16. The Little Carol
17. Father I Know


CD#2   Herb Allen Plays The Xylophone

craig-barnaMy life in music began with private lessons at age three in Seattle. When I was five, my mother Dot landed a weekly slot for me to perform the xylophone on “Uncle Frank’s Children’s Hour.” The show ran on KJR Radio every Saturday afternoon, and I was compelled to learn and play a new tune every week. Later, under instruction from Seattle’s leading teachers, my musical training expanded into composing, arranging, conducting and piano accompaniment.

In 1946, I boarded a train for a ninety-six hour ride to Detroit, and then hitchhiked the rest of the way to Mackinac Island. It was there that I became associated with MRA, the program that would lead to Up with People. While in Caux, Switzerland in 1953, I happened to meet three brothers named the Colwells. This meeting set in motion an incredible journey and relationship that continues even to this day.

Along the way, I never lost my love of the xylophone, and in 2006 I decided it was finally time to record some of my favorite songs, several of which I first learned as a child in Seattle.

“Every day of my thirty years in this business has been informed by this profound teacher.”
Craig Barna, conductor of major Broadway musicals

“We have had the chance to work with some of the genuinely nicest, most interesting and gifted people in the world. Foremost of these would be Herb Allen. Up with People simply would not have happened without Herb.”
Paul Colwell, Up with People founding member, songwriter, producer

Herb Allen Plays the Xylophone

1. Nola
2. The Whistler and His Dog
3. Tico Tico
4. Minute Waltz
5. Papá Pacifico
6. Solfeggietto
7. Delicado
8. The Flight of the Bumblebee
9. Funiculi Funicula
10. Scherzo

11. Turkey in the Straw
12. Carnival of Venice
13. A Day In April
14. Gitanerias
15. Gigue
16. Dizzy Fingers
17. Fiddle Faddle
18. Czardas
19. C# Minor Waltz


Cost of CDs

CD#1….$20….Songs For My Grandchildren (and other important people)

CD#2….$20….Herb Allen Plays the Xylophone

Both CDs….$35

All prices include shipping and handling within the U.S.

Although we are setup for domestic orders, if you live outside the United States and wish to receive a CD, please email us and we will make every attempt to determine postal rates, and how your payment can be transfered.

Thanks very much to all of you for your friendship and assistance!
Herb and Jane Allen

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